SpongeBob’s 20th Anniversary | Sorrow on the Loss of Hillenburg

SpongeBob’s 20th Anniversary | Sorrow on the Loss of Hillenburg
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It’s tough to believe that everyone’s best-loved absorbent sponge is celebrating the 20th anniversary of his coming on Nickelodeon this month. Since SpongeBob SquarePants began his laughter-filled life in a pineapple under the sea, the animation world has faced a lot of changes, but our collective affection for this interesting, optimistic creation and all of his uncanny and wonderful friends remains untouched.
Of course, we are still sorrowing the loss of the amazing Hillenburg, who departed this earth last November after fighting ALS, but it’s good to know the character will uncease to live on in pop culture in many forms, after having introduced many specials, movies, a Broadway musical, and an admirable global toy and merchandising emprise. Paramount is planning a new movie for 2020 which investigate his beginnings, and a CG-animated prequel is also in the works at Nickelodeon. On the moment of the porous one’s 20th birthday, Animag caught up with some of the talented men and women who are behind the show’s phenomenal worldwide success:

SpongeBob star Tom Kenny honored Stephen Hillenburg before death


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